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* Management Buck hunt. Includes buck(8 pt up to 129”),doe,guide and two nights lodging.

* Trophy buck 130-140″. Includes doe,guide and two nights lodging.

* 150” plus POR

* Group meat hunt. Hunt includes two nights lodging and eight animals(doe,cull bucks and hogs). Package can be split between up to four hunters. $2400.00

* Exotic Trophy Fees

* Axis Trophy starts at $2500.00

* Blackbuck start at $1600.00

* Red Stag start at $4000.00

* Aoudad Trophy $2800.00 and up

* Rams $400-1400.00

* Fallow $2800.00 and up.

* Oryx $2500.00 and up


* Many other exotic animals available to hunt POR

* Exotic hunts are two day/one night. A day fee of 250/day is included in the trophy fee.

* Day Hunts

 Native and exotic doe hunts are subject to change due to breeding season and hunting regulations. Please contact us for current prices availability.

* Discounts given for multiple hunters/animals.

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